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falling in love with tegomass

Actually I've known them since 2009. I accidentally found Ai Ai Gasa PV on youtube and I loved it because the PV and the melody are so sweet. But I didn't really follow them. And then about a month ago, I tried to listen to their first album album "Tegomasu no Uta". I liked it so much that I decided to download all of their album. Then I asked my friend to give me the copy of their concert. My impression after watching their concert was they are such a great singer. They sang all of the song live. No recording. Then I decided to download their 2nd and 3rd concert. It turned out that their concerts were really good. Especially the 3rd one. The stage, the lighting effect, their outfit were soooo good. I love it so much. And now I'm watching it again and again.

[some performances on the 3rd concert:]

[bonus pics of them:]

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HAPPY 5X13 !!!!!


thank you so much for bringing a colorful rainbow in my life, for being my source of stress relieve and entertainment.
thank you for being ARASHI

Ganbatte guys..


wish you a long life
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[streaming] Last Episode of Kagi no Kakkata Heya & Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri

I'm so sorry for the very late update. My uni days has been hectic.

It's time to say goodbye to Enomoto and Yoshitarou

KagiHeya eps 11:
unfortunately, the video I found in tudou won't load. but the good news is I found the subbed one. here is the link:

Mikeneko eps 11:


credit to: pimaki什么的最苏人了

The ending of KagiHeya is kind of cliffhanging. I hope there will be SP/movie/season 2
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Oh No! I fall for Johnny's Jrs

After watching Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou, I notice that there are some hot guy-to-be from Johnny's Jrs.

Bakaleya guys

Kyomoto Taiga
The 1st one I noticed is Kyomoto Taiga. He is so cuuutee.. and I like his voice when he talk. From the 1st episode of SBK, I noticed that he's the most good looking among Bakaleya guys. I'm sure he will be very handsome guy in the future.

Taiga as Maya in SBK

Chibi Taiga

Yuugo Kouchi
Don't worry Yuugo Kouchi. You're still my favorite in Johnny's Jrs. I like you since the first time I saw you on Shounen Club when you had to make Kamenashi's heart skip a beat. Altough your role in SBK is only supporting role and you don't get many screen time (I don't even know your character's name), your appearance in SBK is always interesting and always caught my attention.

Kouchi in SBK

Chibi Kouchi

Jesse Lewis and Kouchi in SBK

Watching you guys make me feel so old

Wish the best for you guys. I hope you will debut soon
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happy birthday nino!!!

thank you so much for giving your best in everything you do, for being 17 forever, bratty, stingy, tsukkomi, cunning, cute, adorkable, and for being the yellow fragment of 5-colored rainbow.


HAPPY 17th 29th BIRTHDAY!!!

btw, I really love your solo performance in BW concert. it's so touching

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[streaming] Kagi no Kakatta Heya eps 8,9 & Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri eps 8,9

KagiHeya eps 8:


Collapse )

Mikeneko eps 8:


Collapse )

credit to: pimaki什么的最苏人了 (离线) & zuiezhishen

I'm so sorry for not updating the drama for two weeks. Have been busy with real life and Tudou had been unfriendly. Also some KagiHeya and Mikeneko episodes are no longer accessible, so I deleted my previous entries
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Some Favorite Performances from Beautiful World Concert

I have some time to spare and don’t know what to do. So I decided to upload some favorite performances of BW concert.

Niji no Kakera
I like this song since the first time I heard it. It has nice melody, and I like the first sentence of the lyric so much

“Bokura wa niji no kakera, Sorezore no iro motteru” (We are fragments of a rainbow, each with our own color)

The performance itself is very entertaining. I like the concept, the kids, the back dancer, the animation on the screen, and of course the hundreds of balloons. Basically I like everything about it, except the outfit. Please Johnny-san, give them a better outfit.

Tooku Made
My most favorite song in Beautiful World album. I’m glad that they performed this song with some nice effects like the fireworks, the animation, and the simple-but-cute choreography. Plus I love Sho when he sung it with the childish gesture.

I’m sure all arashi’s fans like this song. It’s written by arashi (Nino and Sho wrote it based on all arashi member’s feeling).
In this concert, they sung it in the encore part. And there was heavy rain when they sung it. The rain made the gratitude feeling of the members toward fans conveyed more deeply.